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Tele-Present Water – Sculpture By David Bowen

My wife, kids and I drove to Grand Rapids this weekend to attend the ArtPrize city-wide art fair for a day.  My favorite thing of the whole day by far was David Bowen’s dynamic, kinetic sculpture Tele-Present Water.   A drifting, moving matrix of wires and tubing gently undulates in a wavelet formation that gets its kinetic motion from servo-levers that move on impulse from signals transmitted from a buoy (#51003) out in the South Pacific Ocean.  So the sculpture you are looking at is mimicking the undulation of the buoy in that remote location.  It is startlingly mesmerizing, as well as an impressive artistic use of technology.

Dr. Bowen is an Associate Professor of Sculpture and Physical Computing at the University of Minnesota, in Duluth.  You can visit his personal website at: http://www.dwbowen.com/

You can see a photo of this actual version of the sculpture here:


Apparently there are other permutations of this sculpture in other art fairs and exhibitions.  You can read about some of those here:



You can watch a YouTube video of one exhibition at the National Museum at Wroclaw, Poland.


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I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.



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