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New Springer journal on swarm intelligence

The German scientific publisher Springer debuted a new journal last June on swarm behavior.

The Journal is entitled Swarm Intelligence and it looks like we have online access to this journal via our SpringerLink e-journals subscription. You can access it via the link above or the URL below (note the Library proxy link):


The tables of contents for the first two issues that are available are pasted below.

Swarm Intelligence

v.1:no.1 (June 2007)

Editorial: Marco Dorigo p.1-2

The biological principles of swarm intelligence
Simon Garnier, Jacques Gautrais and Guy Theraulaz

Particle swarm optimization: An overview
Riccardo Poli, James Kennedy and Tim Blackwell

Mathematical runtime analysis of ACO algorithms: survey on an emerging issue
Walter J. Gutjahr

v.1:no.2 (December 2007)

Moving targets: collective decisions and flexible choices in house-hunting ants
Nigel R. Franks, James W. Hooper, Mike Gumn, Tamsyn H. Bridger, James A. R. Marshall, Roderich Groß and Anna Dornhaus

Ant-based and swarm-based clustering
Julia Handl and Bernd Meyer

An ant colony optimization approach to flexible protein-ligand docking
Oliver Korb, Thomas Stützle and Thomas E. Exner

Ant colony optimization for real-world vehicle routing problems
From theory to applications
A. E. Rizzoli, R. Montemanni, E. Lucibello and L. M. Gambardella


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