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Gravure Magazine PDF Index

My colleague Miranda Howard asked me a very good question this afternoon. She wanted to know where the printing trade magazine Gravure is indexed. After some sleuthing (which included looking at Ulrichsweb.com and the Gravure Association of America site), I found out the following:

According to Ulrich’s, Gravure is indexed in the following print indexes:

  • Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and Technology (we have this in Waldo SciRef from 1965 I think until June 1999)
  • The Engineering Index Monthly (we also have the old print copies of this until 1998)
  • SCOPUS (1999, 2001-2005)

N.B. One

The Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science is available online via our PaperChem database, which seems to have coverage from about 1979-2006. The Engineering Index is Ei Compendex, which seems to have coverage of Gravure from about 1999-2006, although that coverage seems to be very spotty after 2003. Plus Scopus‘s coverage is actually pretty good from about 1999-2007.

N.B. Two

When I went to the Gravure Assocation site (www.gaa.org) to check out if they index it on their site, I saw a link to a “GRAVURE Magazine Index” that claimed that one could “Download this PDF file to search for all GRAVURE articles printed since 1994”. However, the link on the main Gravure page does not work!!!!! I did find the working link on another page of the site though – here is the URL http://www.gaa.org/pdf/pdf-mag/GRAVUREIndex.pdf Via this link, you can download a 31 page PDF index to GRAVURE that goes from 1994 to February 2003.

Update: April 19, 2010: Gravure has taken down the PDF index to the magazine, and replaced it with an online search page: http://www.gaa.org/magazine/latest

So GRAVURE is indexed in a number of different places. It is complex, what can I say?

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I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.


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