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Back from Vacation

Hello all! I’ve been away on vacation for the last two weeks, hence the dearth of posts (not that I’ve been posting all that regularly anyway). Once I’m settled in at work, I’ll try to put together a post or two this week. I’m hoping to be more regular about posting this coming Fall, but we’ll see.

On our way back to Kalamazoo, we camped in the Quaker Area of New York State’s side of Allegany State Park. It was lovely (if loud – the campers near us were having some kind of major beer blast and were screaming until 11pm). This whole area of New York is full of mountains of sedimentary rock in obvious layers – shale, limestone and Lord knows what else. I picked up several good brachiopod shell fossils from our campsite, as well as small chips of fine black flint. What can I say – I love rocks and am always looking down at the ground.

OK – from now on, my posts will deal with engineering and the applied sciences.

About Ed Eckel

I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.


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