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Google Earth Maps Darfur Genocide

From: CNN.com article “Google Earth Maps Out Darfur Atrocities” by Elise Labott

Google Earth is working with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to map out the genocidal effects of the War in Darfur so that people can view this devastation on the ground.  You can read the entire CNN article by Elise Labott at the link above.  You can go to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Google Earth Site here.

Why am I posting this?  Because this is a timely topic that all engineers should care about AND because this is the kind of innovative use of technology to either solve problems or create change that I think represents the future of engineering.

You will need to download Google Earth and the “Crisis in Darfur” layers in order to view this.  Directions are all on the USHMM site.

I’m filing this under “Engineering Solutions.”


About Ed Eckel

I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.



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