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Individual Diversity in Engineering

I recently read a terrific article in the latest issue of the Journal of Engineering Education (April 2007, v.96. no.2) by Cynthia E. Foor, Susan E. Walden, and Deborah A. Trytten entitled “‘I Wish that I Belonged More in this Whole Engineering Group:’ Achieving Individual Diversity.” This intriquingly titled article is the best article that … Continue reading

New Sci-Tech Search Engine to Rival Google Scholar

From: Jay Bhatt at EngLibrary Blog and Really Simple Sidi Blog A group of thirteen science and technology professional organizations is partnering with the Deep Web Technologies search engine firm to create a scholarly web search engine to index and search their content.  This new search engine will be called Scitopia.org and will be rolled … Continue reading

New York Times: Computer Science Needs More Women!!

 From the April 17, 2007 New York Times article by Cornelia Dean “Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold” The link above will take you to today’s New York Times, which has a very interesting article about the declining number of women who are going into the computer science field.  According to … Continue reading

Google Earth Maps Darfur Genocide

From: CNN.com article “Google Earth Maps Out Darfur Atrocities” by Elise Labott Google Earth is working with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to map out the genocidal effects of the War in Darfur so that people can view this devastation on the ground.  You can read the entire CNN article by Elise Labott at the … Continue reading

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