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39th Conference on Senior Engineering Design Projects

This morning, I attended several student presentations for the CEAS Senior Engineering Design Conference. They were uniformly excellent! I hope that the snowy roads did not prevent people from making it to Parkview to watch these students strut their stuff.

Here are the following presentations I was able to attend. (I would have stayed all day but alas, have plenty of work to do in my Waldo Library hole in the wall.) Big congratulations to all the students (and their families who were in attendance).

  • Student Housing Design: By Nicholas Krug, Nathan Moloney, and John Paepke.
  • New Chemistry Building: By Jacqueline Frencher and Jacob Miller.
  • Radio Frequency Lesion Generator Test Set: By Drew Hoffman, Jason Traczynski, and Andrew Wieczorkowski.
  • LVDT Sensor System Design for the MTS Tension Testing Machine: By Corey Flues and Travis Lipski.
  • Redesign of Hospital Food Service System: By Kenneth Baldwin, Toby Moenke, Kyle Swanson, and Quentin Witkowski. (A couple of members of this team actually stopped by the Library to get my assistance with their background research. I’m happy I had a chance to assist them. More of you Seniors should be stopping by, eh?!)

One piece of advice for the College of Engineering for next spring’s conference: Make sure you update your Conference webpage.  There is no current information about today’s program on the CEAS website.  If you want to drive traffic (and students) to your school, your website is one of your best tools.


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I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.


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