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Women in Engineering

Girls in Science and Engineering – NSF book

I stumbled upon this interesting book today that the National Science Foundation published in 2003.  It is called New Formulas for America’s Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering and is available in full text PDF.  This book discusses how to encourage young girls (middle and high school age) to go into science and engineering careers, and how to retain those that do as they move on in their professional work and academia.  The chapters contain descriptions of successful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs from all over the country.  Section headings within the chapters include:

  •  SMART: Learning by Doing
  •  Profiles of Women in Science and Engineering
  •  E-WOMS: Women’s Ways of Learning Calculus
  • Hands-on Engineering Projects for Middle School Girls
  •  Latinas en Ciencia
  • Improving Science in a Dayton Magnet School
  • Futurebound: Minority Women in Community College
  • Preparing At-Risk Undergraduates for Graduate School
  • Retaining Graduate Students and Junior Faculty
  • A Guide for Recruiting and Advancing Women in Academia

This book looks like an excellent resource for improving STEM education at both the K-12 level and in higher education, and is worth a look!!


About Ed Eckel

I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.



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