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Waldo Library has eBooks also!

While you’re checking out the FreeTechBooks.com site (see previous posting), don’t neglect to peruse the over 30,000 electronic books in the fields of engineering and computer sciences that Waldo Library has subscribed to.  These books are ALL searchable through the WestCat Library Catalog.  Hence, relevant e-book titles will show up when you do a keyword or subject search for books in any area of interest.  Below are the newest collections, some of which you might already be familiar with.  NOTE: These eBooks are only available to members of the WMU community, with BroncoNet ID’s and passwords.

Tip 1: You can add the WestCat keyword (actually the location code) for one of these collections to a guided keyword search to restrict searching to that collection.

Tip 2: You can add the words “electronic resource” to a guided keyword search to restrict your search to e-books and other electronic resources.

Collection: Engineering  Pro
WestCat Keyword: engprobk24
New for this year, 571 engineering ebooks are available and cataloged, and more are to be added each month.

Collection: IT Pro – IT and CS books
WestCat Keyword: itprobk247
Last year, 4285 titles were available and cataloged, this year 4990 are available and cataloged, with more being added each month.

Collection: Netlibrary – books of all kinds with many IT and CS related books
WestCat Keyword: netlibrary
24796 netlbrary ebooks available and cataloged. 6622 added this year.

Collection: Safari Tech Shelf – IT reference books
WestCat Keyword: safari
Last year, around 120 books were available and not cataloged. This year 1199 are available and cataloged. It is possible to do chapter level bookmarking in Safari.

Note: Collection descriptions given above and the search tips are courtesy of Keith Kelley, Systems Manager at Waldo Library.


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I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.


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