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Laptops to Libyan Schoolchildren

The following newsstory is an example of the kind of innovative and creative problem-solving that engineers are known for.

Markoff, John. (2006, Oct.11) U.S. Group Reaches Deal to Provide Laptops to All Libyan Schoolchildren. The New York Times.

The One Laptop Per Child organization is going to sell 1.2 million $100 laptops to Libya, for distribution to schoolchildren. The One Laptop Per Child nonprofit was started by MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte.

From the article: “The computers come with a wireless connection, a built-in video camera, an eight-hour battery and a hand crank for recharging batteries. They will initially be priced below $150, and the price is expected to decline when they are manufactured in large numbers.”

Note: After this week, you may need to register with the New York Times online in order to read the above article. Otherwise, access it on Lexis-Nexis.


About Ed Eckel

I am a engineering and applied sciences librarian at Western Michigan University.


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